April 1, 2017 orangeq2017


Andrew Payton


After the funeral
I went into your house
and drank your beer.
I sat in your chair
and drank your beer.
I didn’t bother with
the dishes or the trash.

You had so much beer
that I got out your guns,
prized, WWII issues and all,
and shot at the empty cans.
You didn’t have much by way of food,
but I found some pickles,
pickled beets, and canned beans.
So I ate those.

After that I fell asleep
in your bed.
When the sun got hot
through the window,
and the smell of smoke got to me,
I rose up out of the room,
took a hoe and seeds from your shed
and started to sow rows of corn
for the season.
Keeping to the lines you’d already set.


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