April 1, 2017 orangeq2017


Kristin Fitzsimmons


Humming wires. Throw a toaster into bathwater.

Electricity in an open meadow, spiraling around grasses. Charged grasshoppers on the edge of
snap and buzz. Secret electric childhood.


I dream of a crack behind my teeth. The crack is audible, the way you can taste lightning.


Benign Rolandic epilepsy, like any number of fairy tale creatures, comes when you’re sleeping.

Wikipedia sez: “Roland blows his olifant so that Charlemagne will return and avenge them. His temples burst from the force required.”

No children’s brains explode in the process. Only sizzle. Only a handful of brains ever throw a toaster into the bathtub on a regular basis.


The brain as a puppy
so happy it pees on the carpet.

Dogs have seizures too. Mostly poodles.


Of medication, Wikipedia sez: “Carbamazepine stabilizes the inactivated state of sodium channels, meaning that fewer of these channels are available to subsequently open, making brain cells less excitable (less likely to fire)”

The chemical diagram looks like a 3-headed stick person. I don’t know to pronounce its body parts.


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