November 1, 2017 orangeq2017

The Forger: His Opportunity

There’s a gap in the record.

Two years
between the last
of her figures – nudes disguised in color,
                          blues and reds
                          warring across a back,
                          a breast, a thigh

-- and the first of her
wild abstracts – bodies broken by geometry,

I can fill the gap.

It’s my duty, my pleasure, my income

to fill the gap.

The gap is an emptiness,
a scar,
a wound,

and I can heal it.



Poet and writer Keith Taylor teaches in the undergraduate and graduate programs in creative writing at the University of Michigan, directs the Bear River Writer’s Conference, and is the poetry editor for Michigan Quarterly Review. His sixteenth collection, The Bird-while, was published by Wayne State University Press February 2017. Fidelities was published in 2015 by Alice Greene & Co. Keith’s work has appeared in such publications as Story, The Los Angeles Times, Alternative Press, The Southern Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, Notre Dame Review, The Iowa Review, Witness, Chicago Tribune, and Hanging Loose. Other books are Marginalia for a Natural History published by Black Lawrence Press, and Ghost Writers, a collection of ghost stories co-edited with Laura Kasischke, published by Wayne State University Press.


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