April 1, 2017 orangeq2017

The Train Keeps

Lynne Potts


The train keeps face—windows silvered
sky scissors cut on black-out as back drop:
moon and caboose. Keep a light on.
Click a dee click [                     ]
Click   a   dee   click [                                   ].
Slot between cars. Giant mesa walls
Rails and silver dash as doors
he train keeps closed. [ ] Clickered
stainless clasp [       ]. Let’s do the diner.
Around bends we lose the caboose.
Buffalo on lamp [     ] shade like buzzards.
Keep track. Brackets in moon light
between mountain [ ]   wall stones round
canyon echo, echo. O [           ] [     ]
Diner soup salt and pepper,
silver salver with French baguette.
Snack car in two-four time. Sleepers too.
You choose. Take what keeps face. I wander
off [         ] ponder caboose as lost sleep
a way to keep track of where I’ve been
and couldn’t:   [         ] again.


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