November 1, 2017 orangeq2017

[Ugly ground you are seen]

Ugly ground                you are seen
from on high    not transcendental       no
never that        but as overview           surveyed
Ugly ground                you make swell moss
feel so good     so real              ecstatic            swelling
for swell moss             and swell moss
that is to say                           contingent
on what swell moss feels        and feels like   and how
it feels you out            you ugly ground          as if
tendrils in darkness     as if     below water                again
though always             the phrase hazarded    above
With you         ugly ground     you bottom up                        upend
orientation       With you         unground         priority
precedence      from the vertical          Swell moss
is only so thick           you thicker      though             yet
the expanse is what matters    to matter
and swell moss grows with you on the reach of your limits



Jacob Schepers is the author of A Bundle of Careful Compromises (Outriders Poetry Project 2014), which was a winner of the 2013 Outriders Competition. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Dream Pop Journal, Verse, [PANK], The Destroyer, and Deluge, among others. He is a doctoral candidate in English at the University of Notre Dame, where is also working towards his MFA.

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