March 31, 2017 orangeq2017

What Happened, You Ask?

Lynne Potts












smoke                                                                                             spelt


Seed           soil                     womb                         plough

drought                   goat

garden                              sorrow

thrash               Isis                         harvest

ossuary                    travertine

pestle                     halum
village        god waters               incantation     road

pot      wailing                 blanket                    vow

curtain                  underworld                         man/woman                dog

prophet       bed          mouth               parchment

footsoles                 tent                   alter

flax            baby            number                          incest

ocarina         battle           cypress trees

hood       war              scroll             seraphim                  gold

mumming        eaves    ziggurat            trumpet       argument

market stall         ivory comb       basin                lament       gossip

door handle      catafalque        carillon      chant      vat               crypt
flying buttress         hairdo     Pinot Grigio                   council

diadem      shoe lace       nun       code       broom     whore     poultice

sonata              deadbolt        toll road                  universe

surgery         shoehorn      crop rotation          cantilever bridge

corset with baleen    museum       downspout    copper coin  dingbat

fisherman’s cap   thermometer         button hole      chocolate            parody

podium          silver ewer         stethoscope   love letter         city sewer

deduction        bird feeder       valance           vellum             brassiere

Assembly line     Novocain      Dow Jones average     jockey shorts
company convention               cyclotron                     cool         fibeglass insulation
paperback    camping trip   oncology department          automatic dryer     water cooler                tickertape parade         chocolate ice cream with jimmies     strip joint                     vacuum-pac     roller coaster         trash pick up          cigarette butt      vending machine      butt fuck         plane reservation       astro turf                  golf cart     zip-lock plastic bag
rubber ducky   cement mixer     nuclear deterrence     paper cup flap         escalator      cocktail menus         legos        to-do list           Afro             peace talk       stand-up comic   velcro

future face, quadruple bypass surgery, auto-flush toilet, hydrochlorothorocide, remote-control-crib-monitor, auto-online-payment, laser-eye-surgery, inflatable girlfriend, TSA full-body pat-down, liver-transplant, purple-orange hair; chemo-with-radiation, in-vetro sperm donor; hedge-fund-management, made-in-China condom, blog, DeepQA’s Watson, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; Heat Max Hothands; gay-divorce, YouTube, genetically-altered barley, suck, bozons, texting


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